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Strategies for Effective Negotiation

A hands-on approach to getting to a win-win

To get where they are today, the most successful business executives throughout the world have had to master the art of negotiating. Though everyone negotiates in some form both at home and at work, very few people have taken the time to fine tune their negotiating style and learn new techniques to successfully prevent and resolve conflict. 

Upon completion of this program, you will have a better understanding of how to:

  • Understand key negotiation strategies & tactics
  • Actively manage conflict in negotiation
  • Negotiate utilizing problem solving methodologies 
  • Understand and effectively negotiate across cultures
  • Identify non-verbal/verbal cues & emotion to help create leverage during negotiations

Topics Covered

Learn and practice the art and science of negotiation

Module 1: Introduction to Negotiation and Frameworks

  • What is negotiation?
  • Negotiables & Tradeoffs
    • Positions vs. Interests
    • Persuasion/Strategies of Influence
    • Negotiation Problem Solving Methodology
    • BATNA and ZOPA frameworks
    • Negotiation Planner – how to prepare for a negotiation
    • In class practice and case study activities

Module 2: Managing Conflict

  • What is conflict & how can I manage it?
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult tactics
  • In class practice and case study activities

 Module 3: Communication Techniques

  • Dealing with supplier and customer relationships
  • Internal vs. external communication
  • Verbal vs. nonverbal communication
  • In class practice and case study activities

Module 4: Emotion

  • How to deal with emotion in negotiation
  • Non-verbal expression and messaging
  • Creating and utilizing power in negotiation
  • Managing relationships while negotiating successful outcomes
  • In class practice and case study activities

Module 5: Email Negotiation

  • Practice email negotiation in teams between sessions
  • Receive peer feedback on email negotiation
  • Internal vs external dynamics in email
  • Communication faux pas

Module 6: Multi-Party Negotiation

  • Difference between one-to-one and multi-party negotiation
  • How to approach and prepare differently for multi-party negotiations
  • In class practice and case study activities

Module 7: Commodity Purchase Negotiation

  • How to approach commodity purchases
  • Concession strategies

Module 8: International and Multi-Cultural Negotiation

  • How to approach international negotiations
  • Practice international and multi-cultural negotiation and case study

Is This For Me?

Become a more effective negotiator

This program is beneficial for professionals looking to be more effective in their negotiation strategy. Whether you want to be better equipped to talk with international vendors about pricing or are looking to apply these skills in salary negotiation, this program will help you learn and practice different approaches to negotiation. It is particularly helpful for those who:

  • Manage supplier or vendor relationships
  • Source products and services locally, nationally and internationally
  • Negotiate across cultures
  • Face the challenge of negotiation and conflict management using methods other than face-to-face such as email, phone or web conference
  • Hire new employees or negotiate salary


Learn from a Harvard trained and experienced negotiator

Danielle Hansen, Instructor, Strategies for Effective Negotiation

Danielle Hansen

Danielle Hansen is a Director of Strategic Sourcing at CPC (a Dover Company) and Adjunct Professor at the University of St. Thomas teaching in the MBA and Executive Education Programs.  She possesses an extensive background in international supplier relationship management, contract manufacturing, negotiation, project management, and continuous improvement.  She graduated Cum Laude with a triple major in Legal Studies in Business, Spanish, and Operations Management in 2004 from the University of St. Thomas.   In 2009, she completed her MBA with focus in International Marketing from the University of St. Thomas.  She attended 3 Executive Education Courses from Harvard Law School including International Business Negotiations, Leadership & Negotiation, and Advanced Negotiation Master Class in 2013.  In addition, she is certified as a Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) & Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM).  Through her tenure, she has earned numerous awards including the 6 Star Financial Results Award, Employee of the Month, People’s Choice Award, and a Collaborative Inquiry Research Grant.  Danielle continues to train on topics of negotiation, contract management, continuous improvement, supplier communication, conflict management, & strategy.

Danielle is passionate about improving people’s lives and has had the opportunity for the past 13 years to impact/improve people’s lives on a daily basis through ensuring continuity of quality supply of medical device, biopharmaceutical, and industrial industries while at CPC, Stryker, St. Jude Medical, Honeywell, & Medtronic.

Danielle enjoys spending free time with her 7 year old daughter, playing basketball, and improving both her and her daughter’s skills in archery.

Your Investment

Gain a strong return on investment

Price: $1395
1.4 CEUs

Why Choose Strategies for Effective Negotiation?

  • Be prepared for any type of negotiation. Leave this program with tools and tactics to apply to different types of negotiation.
  • Choose the right tactic for the situation. Armed with the ability to identify your counterpart’s positions and interests, you’ll be able to apply framing techniques to better position yourself with leverage during the negotiation.
  • Feel confident in your ability. Practice different approaches to negotiation in-class so that you can apply them confidently when you return to work.
  • Learn from a Harvard Trained Negotiator. Your instructor has significant experience with international negotiation and has been trained through Harvard’s negotiation program.

Additional Program Details

  • Cost includes tuition, learning materials and refreshments.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are non-credit educational experiences; one CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours of study.
  • Program sessions are held on the downtown Minneapolis campus. Parking is available within one block.
  • There are no prerequisites for this program.

Why St. Thomas Executive Education?

Choose us for a smart, practical and personalized experience. 

At St. Thomas Executive Education you will:

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