Instructions for First-time Users of the Copyright Clearance Center

Requesting permission to use journal articles

To get started, go to the Copyright Clearance Center homepage and choose the “Get Permission” link. Use the search box in the upper right corner of the page to look for the journal name. See “Pay-per-use Options” for various uses of the content.

Note: the University of St. Thomas does not, at this time, have an organizational license – permissions are handled by you on a “Pay Per Use” basis.

First time users of the Copyright Clearance Center will need to open an account for billing purposes. You are responsible for paying for your permissions from either departmental or personal funds. (You can search the CCC permissions database without an account to see if the publication you want to use is included, what uses are allowed, and what the cost will be. However, you need an account to pay for any permissions.)

You can open either an organizational account or an individual account. Organizational accounts are useful if your department wishes to have multiple users on the same billing account. All users on the account can have their own username and password which allows them to view only their own activity. To establish an organizational account, you will enter contact information for one user, and also information for the billing contact. From "Manage Your Account" you can add additional users.

The Copyright Clearance Center website has a number of helpful FAQs that include information on copyright basics and on the use of their "PAY-PER-USE" service.