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Expense Policy

The following is the general policy of the Small Business Institute regarding SBI project expenses.

  • Expenses which are fully reimbursable to students working on an SBI project include mileage to and from client meetings, non-UST libraries, competitor visits, surveying customers and parking fees.
  • Team meetings are not a reimbursable item. It is the student team’s responsibility to schedule travel to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • FAX charges up to a maximum of $10 are allowed if the UST facility in room 12 Murray-Herrick Campus Center is used. Receipts must be included for reimbursement. Other incidental expenses such as office supplies, film, stationery, postage, or mailing costs, as well as other miscellaneous charges, can be incurred without the specific approval of the course instructor provided they do not exceed five dollars per team.
  • Expenses for professional typing of the final SBI report will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 50% of the total typing costs.
  • The names and addresses of professional typists approved by the Small Business Institute are on file, and student SBI teams wishing to make use of a professional typist can obtain these names and addresses from their course instructor. Students should not contact a professional typist of their own choosing other than those authorized by the Small Business Institute.
  • The typing of both the initial report and intermediate report are expected to be completed without incurring professional typing charges.
  • Duplicating services are available at the University of St. Thomas. See the section Procedure for Use of Duplicating or Audio-Visual Services. No outside duplicating or printing costs will be reimbursed. Reimbursement checks should be sent in approximately two weeks after the term.
  • Reimbursable expenses incurred by the SBI team must be itemized and submitted to the course instructor. Expense reports for this purpose will be distributed in each class.
  • An invoice or receipt MUST ACCOMPANY each itemized expense submitted for reimbursement, except mileage. Expense reports must be signed off by your instructor and received by the Director of the SBI on or before the last official day of classes. Receipts for parking, incidental expenses and typing must be included in order to receive reimbursement.
  • All expense reports must be completed in full and signed off by the Faculty Advisor by the last day of the class. Only one check will be cut per team. LATE EXPENSE REPORTS WILL NOT BE HONORED.

Expense Report Form

File student expense forms for project expenses incurred. Please contact the SBI Project Coordinator for the details and help with the Student Expense Form.