Small Business Institute

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Information for Participating Students

To get involved in the SBI consulting program, students must be enrolled in classes in which SBI projects are incorporated and be willing to complete the following:

Project Startup

  • All SBI team members sign a Confidentiality Agreement to hold in complete confidence all proceedings involved with their SBI project.
  • A Preliminary Agreement containing an initial analysis of the nature of the client’s objective or problem.
  • A completed Client Interview form after the initial meeting with the client.
  • Schedule a meeting with the client to complete this form.
  • An Action Plan directed toward meeting the objective or solving the problem.

Weekly Updates

Midterm Stage

  • An “intermediate report” describing the nature and scope of progress on the SBI project to date.
  • This report should contain evidence demonstrating the progress achieved in the initial stages of the SBI project, as well as a firm commitment to the timetable established for the remaining phases.
  • Please contact your Faculty Advisor for the details of the “intermediate report.”

Survey Resources & Policies

Qualtrics – online survey tool for students with instructions for account setup

Responsible Use Policy – Students: read this carefully before setting up any online survey

Final Stage

Submit a Final Report containing the following information:

All background information necessary to permit a reader of the report to understand fully the nature of the industry, the problem identification, the development of a plan of action, the implementation of the plan of action and the results achieved.

Copies of the Final Report should be distributed as follows:
  • One copy to client on the date of the final presentation. Additional copies requested by the client may be obtained at client’s expense.
  • One black & white copy to the Faculty Advisor.
  • Note: Please read the Procedure for Use of Duplicating or Instructional Support Services when making copies of the final report.
  • Prepare and deliver an oral presentation to your Faculty Advisor and client management team. For details, consult your Faculty Advisor.
  • Submit Student Expense Forms for project expenses incurred to the Faculty Advisor. Please read the UST Expense Policy prior to submitting the expense form. For details, contact the SBI Project Coordinator.


Students will take an active interest in other SBI projects being prepared in class, and, when appropriate, will offer positive suggestions to other classmates about their SBI projects, either during formal presentations or informally. The objective here is to utilize the cognitive abilities and specialized talents of each student to its fullest, and to give each SBI team a broader understanding of the entire range of small business problems and proposed solution.