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Entrepreneurship faculty members are a mix of academics and practitioners. The seven full-time Schulze School faculty members share 160 years of teaching experience. They’ve started or owned 13 businesses in fields such as consumer electronics, software, theater, rentals, consulting, banking and more. The school’s four adjunct lecturers are successful local entrepreneurs.

Our dedicated faculty members provide expertise in areas such as startups, financials, corporate innovation, social entrepreneurship, family business, franchising and more. Though their backgrounds and areas of emphasis are different, they’re all impactful, thought-provoking teachers who will help you develop key critical thinking skills to launch and manage successful new ventures or make an impact in established companies.

Full-time Faculty

Dr. Laura Dunham, Department Chair
Dr. David Deeds
Dr. Jay Ebben
Dr. Alec Johnson
Dr. John McVea
Dr. Ritch Sorenson
Dr. Mark Spriggs
Dr. AnnMarie Thomas

Adjunct Faculty

Mike Sarafolean - Entrepreneurship in Practice (ENTR 380)
Keith Thorndyke - Managing a Growing Business (ENTR 790)
Glenn Karwoski - Creativity and Change (ENTR 360)
Adel Dimian - Health Care MBA Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship (ENTR 707)
Mo Fahnestock - Social Entrepreneurship (ENTR 340)


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