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Business Development Offices

Where ideas become businesses and students become entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurship working space on the third floor of Schulze Hall is seen from the hallway June 13, 2013

Schulze School of Entrepreneurship Business Development Offices build something bigger than just an economic support function for student and alumni-led businesses. The offices create an entrepreneurial community for students and office tenants through geographic proximity, common purpose and a culture of sharing and exchange.  

Tenants are chosen from a pool of existing and recently graduated students through a highly selective application process. Successful applicants demonstrate a willingness to give back to the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship experience through a number of activities: 

  • Creating internships for current entrepreneurship students
  • Participating in guest lecture and Practicing Entrepreneur activities
  • Supporting new entrepreneurs competing in various business plan competitions (Lemonade Stand, Fowler Business Concept Challenge, Minnesota Cup, etc.)
  • Directly mentoring other new businesses
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