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Welcome to Your St. Thomas MBA

Congratulations again on your admission to the Health Care MBA program.

As a distance-learning community, we realize that it is very important for new students to start off as informed and empowered as possible. As a newly confirmed student, please complete the following next steps as soon as possible to help prepare you for the start of the program. We look forward to assisting you on your MBA journey. 

Step 1 - Set Up Student Accounts

Your UST e-mail account

You have been given your 9-digit UST ID number and a link to “claim your account” which activated your St. Thomas email account (if you have not yet done so, here is the link to follow). Your UST email account serves as the primary way that St. Thomas faculty, programs staff and fellow students will communicate with one another. It is your responsibility to activate and use it.

To access your email: 

The Outlook WebApp allows members of the St. Thomas community with a St. Thomas email account to access their mail from any location with an internet connected web browser. OWA is the most common way St. Thomas students access their email from on or off campus.

Many students prefer to forward their UST email to a different email account that they check on a regular basis. In the Outlook WebApp FAQ, you will find the detailed step by step instructions on how to auto-forward emails from your UST account to another email account.

Activate your Murphy Online account

The Murphy Online system provides access to a variety of information. You can access your St. Thomas eBill account (view bill and make payments), forms, personal information, financial aid, grades and unofficial transcripts for employer reimbursement.

Instructions on how to log on to Murphy Online:

  • Go to the St. Thomas website
  • Click on "Quick Links" located on the top left
  • Click on "MURPHY Online"
  • Click "Login to the Murphy Online secured area"
  • Enter your UST username and password

Now you can log on to Murphy Online to view and manage your St. Thomas eBill along with other important forms and resources under the Student Services tab.

Step 2 - Complete Required Forms

Student Payment Agreement

Review and complete the Student Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement. Students are not able to be registered until a payment agreement is on file. The Student Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement is a legal document required for all students to attend classes at St. Thomas. The standard agreement (Extended Payment Plan) offers extended payment terms and can be completed in the Murphy Online student system. The End-of-Term plan, available only to students receiving more than 50% tuition reimbursement but not receiving any other financial aid, requires a form to be printed, signed and submitted to the Business Office. Learn more about the tuition payment plans and terms.

The Extended Plan Student Payment Agreement form can be found and submitted electronically through Murphy Online:

  • Go to the St. Thomas website
  • Open up "Quick Links" at the top of the page
  • Go into "Murphy Online"
  • Click "Login to the Murphy Online secured area" and sign in
  • Go to "Student Services" tab
  • Click on "Student Account"
  • Click on "Online Student Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement" 

Required Sexual Misconduct Training

Complete the required sexual misconduct training, Not Anymore, through Murphy Online. This is a video-based program that should take 45-60 minutes to complete.

  • Log in to Murphy Online
  • Click on “Student Services”
  • Select “Sexual Misconduct Required Training.”

All current and incoming graduate and undergraduate students are required to complete this training.

Submit the FAFSA (if appropriate).

If you plan on applying for Federal Financial Aid, please visit the Graduate Financial Aid Office website to review instructions and complete the FAFSA.

Health Insurance Verification

The Health Insurance Verification form becomes available once you are registered for the fall classes by the program (August 1st ).

More information »

If you have existing health insurance, you must enter your health insurance information online by September 15 through Murphy Online or you will automatically be enrolled and billed for Student Assurance Services (SAS) Health plan. The Student Health Service will send reminders to your UST email account about this health insurance verification requirement.

You can access the form through the Health Services website or on Murphy Online:

  • Go to the St. Thomas website
  • Open up "Quick Links" at the top of the page
  • Go into "Murphy Online"
  • Go to "Student Services" tab
  • Open "Student Health Menu" located towards the bottom