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Details on participating in the UST Work and Well-being Study

UST-WWS gives you an in-depth picture of the links between well-being and performance-related outcomes for your organization. 

Every company is unique in its needs and situation. Therefore, our aim is not necessarily to recommend a specific intervention, but rather to give you information so that you can make informed decisions. We offer you both depth and breadth so that your organization can truly understand the well-being and satisfaction elements at work in your organization.

What We Provide

Participating organizations will receive two reports based on the data collected from your employees, quantifying the state of employee well-being.

The first report is specific to your organization and employees and lays out:

  • Levels of well-being and job satisfaction — both overall and with specific aspects and domains
  • Relationships between aspects of well-being and aspects of performance
  • Relationships between aspects of well-being and intention to quit
  • Relationships between aspects of well-being and presenteeism
  • Relationships between aspects of well-being and engagement
  • Recommended action ideas based on our findings 

The second report is an overall survey of comparison data from a sample of other organizations on all of the items listed above, to allow you to see how your organization compares to this sample.

What We Need from Participants

To provide the reports described above, we will require some information and resources, including:

  • Employee names with e-mail addresses
  • Employee time – the survey takes about 15 minutes for the employee, plus two, three-minute performance surveys related to that employee (one by a manager and one by a co-worker)
  • Archival data you already have on employee performance (optional)
  • Turnover/retention data for three to nine months (optional)

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