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Teresa Rothausen, Ph.D.
Professor of Management 
Susan E. Heckler Endowed Chair in Business Administration
John Ireland Scholar
Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas
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Teresa Rothausen has done research and consulting on work and well-being for two decades, including her streams of studies on the many facets of job-specific well-being and satisfaction, person-organization fit, work-family and work-life. In addition, she has consulted and written on gender and diversity issues in leadership and on leader development. Recent research, her own and others’, has convinced her that the holistic well-being of employees is a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to understanding the links between these issues and employees’ performance.

Rothausen has been at UST since 1998. Prior to that, she worked as a CPA in the then “Big Six” and taught at Texas A&M University and the University of Minnesota in their undergraduate and masters programs in human resources. She has played various roles at UST, including as founding director of the Full-time UST MBA program and most recently holder of the Susan E. Heckler Endowed Chair in Business Administration. The mission of the Susan E. Heckler Endowed Chair in Business Administration is to build an actionable knowledge base about the critical impact of jobs on holistic human well-being and of well-being on the ability of employees to engage and perform at work.

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Sara Christenson '12 M.B.A.

Sara Christenson was working as a design engineer when she began noticing that co-workers and friends were making personal and professional decisions separately without considering one’s effect on the other. When Christenson joined the Full-time UST MBA program, she became intrigued by Dr. Rothausen’s work on holistic job satisfaction and work-family issues. Christenson’s involvement in the UST-WWS has sparked her interest in continuing to investigate well-being and leadership as she moves into the next phases of her career. 

While in the Full-time UST MBA program, Christenson focused on nonprofit and operations management and held leadership positions concurrent with her role as graduate assistant for the UST Work and Well-being Study. Her proposal to study the gender aspects of these issues won her an additional scholarship from the Luann Dummer Center to support her in her pursuit of the MBA. Christenson holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Minnesota, and worked for two years as a development engineer at Altec HiLine in Duluth, Minnesota. After graduation, Christenson joined her husband in Kansas City, where she works in an outside sales engineer position, combining her business knowledge with her engineering background. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in organizational behavior.  

Annelise Larson '12 M.B.A. 

Annelise Larson’s interest in well-being stemmed directly from her experience in business organizations. She noticed that those around her did not perform to their potential when factors both in and outside of the workplace interfered. She began reading literature related to well-being, wellness and balance and became intrigued with the possibility of applying these concepts to the workplace. Larson has seen that companies that treat their talent as whole persons (not just employees) unleash the human potential in those employees, facilitating their best work and, ultimately, their contribution to the bottom line.

While in the Full-time UST MBA program, Larson served as the graduate assistant for the Leadership Program and research associate for the UST Work and Well-being Study. Prior to joining the MBA program, she worked in humran resources for nine years in the health care, sales and consulting industries. Most recently,  she worked closely with business owners and executives to identify and implement HR strategies. After realizing the importance of business knowledge to HR professionals, she decided to join the UST MBA program.

Larson graduated in May of 2012 and is currently manager of organization development at Tennant Company. 

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