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Criteria & Nominations

"Julie was a very accomplished teacher, wife and mother. We are very honored that her passion for teaching is being honored by this award.  She loved her students and being part of the St. Thomas culture. It is great that she will continue to have an impact for years to come."  

–The Hays Family

All full-time faculty at the undergraduate and graduate level who have taught in OCB for at least three years are eligible for this award. Nominees cannot have won this award during the previous three years.

Nominees for the Julie Hays Teaching Award should demonstrate exceptional dedication as well as extraordinary skills and success at enhancing students’ ability to think critically, act wisely and advance the common good by educating students and working professionals to become effective, ethical business leaders and to be constructive contributors to society.

Nominations should provide detailed evidence of this level of achievement. Some ways in which this might be documented include examples of the nominee’s:

  • Active engagement with students.
  • Ability to stretch and challenge students.
  • Concern for the student as a whole person.
  • Creative approaches to teaching or the development of effective teaching materials. 
  • Enthusiasm and passion for teaching

The Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by students, alumni or other faculty using the nomination form.

Nominations will be made to an award committee comprising members of the teaching committee, graduate students, undergraduate students and alumni. In subsequent years, previous Julie Hays Teaching Award recipients will also serve on the award committee.  

The award committee will be chaired by one of its faculty members. The alumni representative will be the Opus College of Business Graduate Business Alumni Association president or his/her designee. Student representatives will be appointed.

Nominations must include a letter documenting the nominee’s record with regard to the criteria listed above. Nominees must submit the Teaching portion of their Annual Faculty Reports covering the previous six most recent semesters of teaching.

Nominees may submit other materials in support of their teaching.

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