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Learning Through Service: Business 200

Business 200 ensures the success of Opus College of Business undergraduate business students’ service involvements so they may learn about the essential partnerships necessary between businesses and communities to advance the long-term viability and health of both.

Business 200 Helps Form Ethical, Effective Business Leaders

BUSN 200 is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate business majors where each students provides 40 hours of service to the community and completes a series of reflective seminars.  Since 1991, over 20,000 students have completed their service in the United States and in 19 countries around the world.  

These service learning involvements are an excellent avenue for students to strengthen their development as highly principled global business professionals, effective and ethical leaders, and constructive contributors to society. This noncredit, tuition-free course is required for all business majors and minors.

The BUSN 200 Center will partner with the organizations and institutions that support the work of our communities; thus making these communities places we are proud to call home.