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BrowZine is a tablet, iPhone, and web application that allows you to browse, read and monitor content from the library’s academic journals just as you would any other ejournal. 

UST’s subscription currently includes over 3,000 UST-owned titles, browsable by general subject area.  BrowZine for tablets and iPhones is a free app — by Third Iron — for accessing and reading content from academic journals on an iPad or Android tablet. Browzine Web is a free online application integrated in UST Libraries' online journal listings. All versions allow users to:

  • select academic journals from a “shelf” display
  • browse complete journal issues,
  • read individual articles,
  • collect favorite journals on a shelf of one’s own,
  • save favorite articles,
  • share lists of favorite journals and articles with others
  • sync with RefWorks accounts
  • and perform additional tasks with journal content.

BrowZine web is accessible from any PC's web browser. If you are on-campus, it will auto-detect you as a UST community member.  Off-campus users will need to login with their UST credentials.  

To get started on the mobile version of BrowZine, on an iPad or iPhone search for “BrowZine” in the App Store, (on an Android device find it in the Google Play Store) and download the app for free; when initially launching BrowZine, select the University of St Thomas from the drop-down list, use your UST credentials to log in, and start browsing.

BrowZine is growing fast and will continue to expand, adding new titles and features as time goes on. If a favorite title isn’t available now, it is very possible it might become available in the near future! Find more information – along with an informative video – on the Third Iron website.

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While the content available in BrowZine is growing all the time, it still only contains a fraction of our journal subscriptions: