UST Username and Password Management

New to campus? Claim your account.

If you are new, returning, or an alumnus/alumna you will need to first claim your St. Thomas account by visiting the Account Claim Webpage. You will be required to provide your St. Thomas ID number as well as personal information or a code provided to you by your department in order to claim your account.

Once your account is claimed, you will have the ability to register for the Self-Service Password Reset process below.

Self-Service Password Reset Registration

If you already have a university account, you can manage your password on your own in the event your password expires or is forgotten. Follow the instructions below to setup these authentication methods of future password resets.

How to Reset Your Password

For security purposes, your password associated with your UST account will expire. Whether you are a: Student, Faculty/Staff or an Alumni your password will expire every 120 days.

Passwords can be reset in a variety of ways both on and off campus as listed below.

Self-Service Reset

On Campus Desktop PC

Walk-up Help Desk

If you have setup authentication for phone, email, or security questions, you can easily visit our password reset webpage to reset your password. Enter in your email ( to verify your account and create a new password.

From any on-campus desktop PC that is connected to the St. Thomas internet, you can press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select"Change a Password" to create and confirm your new password.

Our help desks are located on both campuses. Visit us in person with a photo ID. Once your account is verified, we will reset your password.

If none of the above is successful for you, please contact the Tech Desk at 651-962-6230, or (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-6230 for assistance.

Password Requirements

During the account activation process, the initial password is setup. You may select any password you like as long as it meets the following conditions:

Password Requirements
  • Your password is required to be at least 8 characters long.
  • Your password is required to include at least (1) uppercase letter, (1) lowercase letter and (1) number.
  • Your password may not include your first name, last name, username, or last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • Your password may not include spaces or any of the following special characters: % * ; " ` # @ & , \ ; ---
  • When re-setting your password, it cannot be any of your previous 10 passwords


Protect Your Password from Phishing

Never supply your password to strangers! Phishing e-mails use tactics that "bait" the recipient into giving up private information in a response to a message or by leading the recipient to a fraudulent Web site. Phishers sending these messages may use personal information from the compromised account to steal your identity. Supplying personal information also results in harvesting community email addresses which results in the further influx of spam to the UST community.