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St. Thomas MBA Elective Courses

Our elective options give you maximum flexibility to follow your own career goals. Select topics from a variety of disciplines or focus your choices in one area.

The following electives are available:


A specialization in accounting can provide even non-accounting undergraduate majors with the appropriate subject area coverage and credit hours required to sit for the CPA exam, as well as the confidence, knowledge, leadership and quantitative ability to be a successful public accountant or financial professional. 

Core Courses: 

Financial Accounting (ACCT 601)

Managerial Accounting (ACCT 605)

Business Law for Accountants (BLAW 620; replaces BLAW 600 in core)

Elective Courses:

 Intermediate Accounting I (ACCT 701)

Intermediate Accounting II (ACCT 702)

Business Taxation (ACCT 710)

Auditing (ACCT 717)

Cost Accounting (ACCT 720)

Advanced Accounting (ACCT 730)

While Minnesota state law requires a minimum of 15 credits of graduate-level accounting coursework to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, the St. Thomas accounting faculty recommends taking all the courses listed to offer the best chance of success on the CPA exam, unless already completed in previous accounting coursework. Students should consult with their program adviser and accounting faculty to determine the best degree plan for their individual background. 

You can learn more about all the requirements to become a CPA through the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Business Analytics

For students who are interested in roles such as:

  • Digital Analyst
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Database Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Analytics Manager
  • People Analytics Consultant
  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Health Care Consultant

Relevant ELective Courses: 

  • Spreadsheet Analysis & Data Visualization (OPMT 621)
  • Applied Advanced Business Statistics (OPMT 605)
  • Data Analytics & Visualization (SEIS 632)
  • Healthcare Analytics (SEIS 735)
  • Supply Chain Analytics (OPMT 729)


Business Communications

Interpersonal Communication (BCOM 553)
Creative Process (BCOM 620)
Communication Technology (BCOM 622)
Persuasion (BCOM 635) 
Organizational Communications (BCOM 641)
Reputation Management and Stakeholder Engagement (BCOM 661)
Public Affairs for Corporate Executives (BCOM 662)
Corporate Communications Management (BCOM 725)
Management Priorities and the Communicator (BCOM 726)
Communication Law (BLAW 710)


Economics of Global Business (GBEC 610) 
Economics of Strategy (GBEC 700)
Applied Economic Business Forecasting (GBEC 701)

Entrepreneurship/New Venture Management

For students who are interested in:

  • Starting a business
  • Corporate venturing
  • Franchise management
  • Family business management


New Venture Strategies (ENTR 650)
New Venture Finance (ENTR 702)
New Venture Marketing (ENTR 703)
Launching New Ventures (ENTR 704)
Family Business Management (ENTR 705)
Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship (ENTR 707)
Managing A Growing Business (ENTR 790)

Financial Management

For students who are interested in:

  • Corporate financial management
  • Investments management
  • Financial institutions management
  • International finance management

Corporate Finance (FINC 701)
Investments (FINC 713)
Options & Futures (FINC 716)
Investment Fund Mgmt: Aristotle (FINC 717)
Financial Institutions Mgmt (FINC 722)
Multinational Business Finance (FINC 731)
Managing Business Risk (FINC 751)
Global Financial Services: China (FINC 752)


  • International Business Law (BLAW 610)
  •  China: Global Financial Services* (FINC 752)
  • Global Financial Issues (FINC 755)
  • Global Economics (GBEC 615)
  • Scandinavia: Global Risk Leadership* (MGMT 753S)
  • International Business (MGMT 805)
  • South America: Emerging Markets* (MKTG 714)
  • India: Marketing in a Mega Market* (MKTG 714)
  • International Marketing (MKTG 790)
  • Asia: Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Mgmt* (OPMT 714 ) (proposed)

*indicates a short-term study abroad class


International Business
MGMT 805

Companies today face an increasing variety of choices about where to locate different value-creating activities. This course explores the opportunities and challenges associated with conducting business in a global context. The goal of this course is to provide the foundations for understanding the external global environment facing a multinational enterprise (MNE), and the internal challenges of managing an MNE. Specifically, this course examines the following topics: the forces behind globalization, the different cultural, political, legal and economic environments in which global businesses operate, the tradeoffs between global and local strategies, the alternatives available for coordinating activity in an MNE, and the unique challenges involved with managing people in a globally dispersed organization.


For students who are interested in:

  • Organizational leadership and management
  • Human resources management
  • Operations management
  • International management
  • Nonprofit management 


Management Challenges & Purpose (MGMT 602)
Leadership (MGMT 603)
Human Resource Management (MGMT 610)
Project Management (MGMT 623)
Organizational Development & Change Management (MGMT 702)
International Business (MGMT 805)
Executive Perspective (MGMT 806)
Negotiation Skills & Management (MGMT 808)
Reflective Manager (BETH 705)
Great Books Seminar (BETH 706)
Employment Law (BLAW 700)
Overview of Health Care Systems (MGMT 630)
Enterprise Risk Management (MGMT 751)
Risk Leadership in a Global Context: London (MGMT 753)*
Business Law & Ethics in the European Union (BLAW 615)*
Nonprofit Program Design & Evaluation (MGMT 862) 


For students who are interested in:

  • Industrial marketing management
  • Service marketing management
  • Brand management
  • International marketing management


Marketing Research (MKTG 650) 
Retail Management (MKTG 707)
Consumer Behavior (MKTG 710)
Marketing in an Emerging Market: South America (MKTG 714)*
Business-to-Business Marketing (MKTG 716)
New Products Management (MKTG 720)
Brand Management (MKTG 725)
Pricing Policy (MKTG 740)
Supply Chain Management (OPMT 750)
Customer Relationship Marketing (MKTG 760)
Integrated Marketing Communication (MKTG 780)
Sales Management (MKTG 785) 
Advertising Planning (MKTG 671)
Interactive Marketing (MKTG 775)
International Marketing (MKTG 790)

Operations Management

For students who are interested in:

  • Operations management consulting
  • Service operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality management


Service Operations (OPMT 620)
Quality Mgmt including Six Sigma (OPMT 630)
Process Analysis, Lean, Agile Orgs (OPMT 635)  
Principles of Info Technology Mgmt (OPMT 650)
Supply Chain Management (OPMT 750)

Real Estate

For students interested in careers as:

  • Appraisers and consultants
  • Brokerage and leasing consultants
  • Corporate and institutional real estate managers
  • Developers
  • Lenders
  • Property and facilities managers
  • Public sector real estate specialists


Real Estate Decision Making (REAL 600) 
Real Estate Development (REAL 770)
Commercial Real Estate Valuation (REAL 750)
Corporate Real Estate (REAL 740)
Legal Issues in Real Estate  (BLAW 730) 
Investment Property Analysis (REAL 760) 
Real Estate Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies (REAL 746) 
Urban Land Economics  (REAL 743)

St. Thomas Graduate Program Electives

  • Information technology (Graduate Programs in Software)
  • Manufacturing and technology management (School of Engineering)
  • Human Resources and Organizational Development (College of Education, Leadership & Counseling)