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Aristotle Fund

The Aristotle Fund is a student-managed investment fund, and the unique learning vehicle for the St. Thomas MBA elective course FINC 717: Investment Fund Management. It provides finance-focused St. Thomas full- and part-time MBA candidates with an exceptional hands-on experience – managing a $4.7 million investment fund.

This class was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous donor to St. Thomas. The donor made a gift to the university with the intention that the money be actively managed by graduate business students. The students act as investment managers for this designated piece of the university’s endowment, now called the Aristotle Fund.

Every year a new group of graduate students from the Opus College of Business is selected to manage an ongoing portfolio of equity securities, incorporating new stocks and divesting others within the context of their policy mandate. The student managers base their decisions on research, visits with corporate management and various investment management services. In addition, the students are responsible for a variety of communications pertaining to the performance of the fund, including Aristotle Web site updates and an annual report.

The fund is currently operated as a mid-cap equity blend and is overseen by a St. Thomas board of advisors, an array of qualified financial professionals working as individual student mentors and a managing professor, Dr. Mary Daugherty, associate professor of finance.

About the Class

Students who manage the Aristotle Fund are registered in FINC717: Investment Fund Management. The course simulates the job requirements for stock analysts and portfolio managers as much as possible. You can read more in the course syllabus.

Students are expected to do a substantial amount of analysis and presentation, working both as a team and on an individual basis. Interested? Learn more about the application requirements to join the Aristotle team.

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