Frequently Asked Questions

We'll show you ways to proofread your paper so you can learn how to do it on your own. Our aim is to help you learn ways to work on your writing yourself. So no, we won't do the work for you.

No, we work with writers at any stage of their writing process including understanding an assignment, brainstorming, prewriting, and writing a thesis--everything that goes on before you should even start writing.

Bring your assignment and any readings that are related to it. Bring any notes you've made from class or on your own. And of course bring a draft and outlines if you're that far along in your process.

At least a day before your draft is due. Call us when you're facing a type of paper you haven't done before, you're having trouble organizing your ideas, you need help getting started, or you'd like to make sure your ideas are clear.

We recommend it so you're guaranteed one uninterrupted hour with a consultant. Even during busy times of the semester you can usually get an appointment for the next day.

We're in the John Roach Center for the Liberal Arts, room 361, on the St. Paul campus.

Yes. But most writers prefer working face-to-face so we can ask more questions, prompt deeper thinking, and show how we're responding to ideas and drafts.

Yes. Call us or email us. If we're closed or you don't have the time, check our our Resource Links. And many times a quick question actually leads to other issues, so make an appointment to see us. We welcome both short and long conferences.

If you'd like more information on how to work for us, click Work for Us.

Information on citing sources using MLA, APA, or the Chicago Manual of Style is in Resources.