Catherine Cory  portrait

Catherine Cory

Chair, History Department, and Associate Professor, Theology
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame
M.A. St. John's University (Minnesota)
B.A. College of St. Teresa

JRC 411
(651) 962-5306
JRC 432
2115 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105


Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
THEO 210 - M1 New Testament M - - - - - - 1700 - 2045 MHC 205

Days of Week:

M - - - - - -

Time of Day:

1700 - 2045


MHC 205

Course Registration Number:

40354 (View in ClassFinder)

Credit Hours:

4 Credit Hours


Catherine A. Cory

This course involves the student in an intensive historical, literary and theological reading of major portions of the New Testament in the Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts and from the perspective of modern methods of biblical interpretation. In addition, the course explores the New Testament as a foundational document for modern Christian traditions in the development of doctrine, in the expressions of worship and in the articulation of moral principles. Prerequisite: THEO 101

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Spring 2019 Courses
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