HIST 112-W01                  Hist Mod World Since 1550          MW        5:30-9:30 PM


Hamline University

BIOL 1150                         Biology of Women                         MTWR  10:30-12:20 PM

BIOL 1150                         Biology of Women Lab                  TR         8:30-10:20 AM

PSCI 3430                        Gender Politics                               Online


WMST 205-W01              Foundations in Women’s Studies  TR      1:30-3:10 PM



COJO 328-L01                 Comm of Race, Class & Gender     MW     1:35-3:10 PM

ENGL 341-L01                 Women, Sport, & the Body              MW     1:35-3:10 PM

HIST 112-W05                  Hist Mod World Since 1550             TR      9:55-11:35 PM

HIST 112-W06                  Hist Mod World Since 1550             TR      1:30-3:10 PM  

THEO 429-L01                Women & Christian Tradition          MWF  1:35-2:40 PM

THEO 431-L01                 Women in the Early Church             R        3:25-5:00 PM


Social Science and Natural Science:

BIOL 106-01                     Women, Medicine and Biology        MWF   9:35-10:40 AM

BIOL 106-51                     Women, Medicine and Biology Lab      R    3:35-5:35 PM

BIOL 106-52                    Women, Medicine and Biology Lab      R    5:45-7:45 PM

IDSC 291                         The Anatomy of Violence                     T     6:00-9:15

PSYC 205-01                   Psychology of Women                        MW    3:25-5:00 PM  


Multicultural or Ethnic Studies (required only for majors):

COJO 370-01                    Intercultural Communication            MW    1:35-3:10 PM

MUSC 216-01                   Jazz in America                                      TR     3:25-5:00 PM

SOCI 251-01                     Race and Ethnicity                                MWF 12:15-1:20 PM

Augsburg University

WST 201    Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies   TR    1:50-3:30 PM

WST 305                       Intro to Queer Studies                          TR       9:40-11:20 AM

WST 315                        Margins as Center: Feminist Theory    TR      3:40-5:20 PM    

AIS 208                         Native American Women and Film    W       6:00-9:30 PM

AIS 320                         American Indian Women                     W       6:00-9:30 PM

ENL 365                        Contemporary Post-Colonial Fiction    T       6:00-9:30 PM

SOC 265                       Race, Class and Gender                         MWF  1:50-3:00 PM


Hamline University

COMM 3670    Gender, Communication and Knowledge   MWF    9:10-10:10 AM

REL 3430                      Feminist/Womanist Theologies         M          6:30-9:30 PM

SOC 3330                     Sociology of Gender                            TR         2:20-4:00 PM

WSTD 1500            Topics: Women and Popular Culture      W         12:40-3:40 PM

WSTD 3800                  Inside-Out Prison Exchange              M         5:00-10:00 PM

WSTD 3850                  Feminist Theory                                   MWF     9:10-10:10 PM


St. Catherine University

BIOL 1120                     Biology of Women                                TR       9:55-11:35 AM

BIOL 1120                     Biology of Women Lab                         F         12:15-2:05 PM

BIOL 1120                     Biology of Women Lab                         F          2:30-4:20 PM

COMM 1000W   Intro to Comm: Women & Social Change  T          6:00-9:30 PM

COMM 2050                Media, Culture, and Society                TR        3:25-5:00 PM

COMM 3070                Gender and Rhetoric                            W        6:00-9:30 PM

COMM 4600         Leadership and the Art of Persuasion      MWF   9:35-10:40 AM

ECON 1120                   Economics of Social Issues                  TR        1:30-3:10 PM

ECON 3452W              Development Economics:

                                      Examining Poverty & Inequality          TR        9:55-11:35 AM

HIST 3570                    The New Woman in America and England:

                                      1880-1940                                                TR        1:30-3:10 PM

INDI 2910                     The Anatomy of Violence                      T          6:00-9:15 PM

MUS 3350W                 Women and Music                                TR        1:30-3:10 PM

PHIL 2400                    Philosophy and Women                       MWF   9:35-10:40 AM

POSC 3150                   Women and Globalization                    TR       1:30-3:10 PM

PSYC 4994         Topics: Psychology of Sexual Orientation     MW     12:15-1:55 PM

SOCI 2150                    Challenging Oppressions, Civic Engagement,

                                     and Change                                              M        6:00-9:30 PM

SOCI 3210         Women’s Issues from Global Perspectives    TR        9:55-11:35 AM

THEO 2120                   Living Faith: Encountering the Holy

                                      in Everyday Experience                         MWF    12:15-1:20 PM

WOST 2050                 Foundations in Women’s Studies        TR        3:25-5:00 PM

WOST 3640                 Feminist Theory                                      W         6:00-9:30 PM


All Approved UST Women's Studies Courses

Because the women’s studies program at the University of St. Thomas is part of a consortium with three other area schools (Augsburg College, Hamline University, and the University of St. Catherine), appropriate courses may be taken at any of these institutions without the exchange course limitation. There is, however, potential for duplication of courses between schools, so students are urged to speak with the program director with any questions. Courses offered within the consortium are publicized by the program director, who can guide students in choosing eligible courses. Listed below are UST courses only.

Humanities Courses

  • ARTH 260 Women in Ancient Art and Culture
  • COJO 328 Communication of Race, Class, and Gender
  • ENGL 203 Classical Mythology
  • ENGL 218 Literature by Women: Critical History
  • ENGL 341 Literature by Women: Critical Questions
  • HIST 112 The History of the Modern World since 1550 (certain sections only)
  • HIST 211 Women and Families in the Americas
  • HIST 268 History of Women in the United States
  • THEO 428 Women and the Old Testament
  • THEO 429 Women and the Christian Tradition
  • THEO 431 Women in the Early Church
  • THEO 461 Comparative Theologies of Sex, Gender, and the Body
  • THEO 482 AIDS, Apartheid, and the Arts of Resistance (J-Term, Study Abroad)

Social Science and Natural Science

  • BIOL 106 Women, Medicine, and Biology
  • BLAW 352 Gender Issues and the Law (J-Term)
  • IDSC 291 The Anatomy of Violence
  • POLS 302 Women and Politics
  • PSYC 205 Psychology of Women
  • SOCI 304 Adolescence in Society
  • SOCI 321 Marriages and Families
  • SOCI 353 Global Perspectives on Gender
  • SOCI 354 Sex in Society

Multicultural or Ethnic Studies (required only of majors)

  • ARTH 285 Arts of Africa
  • COJO 370 Intercultural Communication
  • HIST 116 African American History in Global Perspective
  • MUSC 216 Jazz in America
  • SOCI 251 Race and Ethnicity
  • SOCI 301 Cultural Anthropology