Sleep Challenge Kick-off Meeting

Initial meeting to kick-off the Wellness Center's month-long sleep challenge to help students better understand and improve their sleep habits

Date & Time:

Sunday, April 8, 2018
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM



Wellness Center MHC 355

The Wellness Center is hosting the "Get More ZZZ's to Get More A's Sleep Challenge" in order to motivate healthy sleep practices among students and change the sleep culture across our campus. The Wellness Center is proud to announce the start of the Fall Sleep Challenge! The program “Get More Zzz’s to Get More A’s” challenges students to track their sleep for 28 days with the goal of improving sleep habits, bedtime routine, and educating students on sleep in order to change sleep culture across campus. The challenge will be held from April 8th - May 6th. This challenge provides an easy yet structured way to change your sleeping habits throughout the month. By using your smartphone to track your sleep, you have the opportunity to learn your prime sleep schedule and bedtime routine, as well as the possibility of improving your academic performance, health, and relationships with others! Come challenge your sleep, win prizes, and impress your friends with your new knowledge on sleep!
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