The Wellness Center Student Health Promotion Teams develop, implement, and promote health promotion programs and initiatives based on the on the Wellness Center’s leading health indicators - alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, mental wellbeing, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, sexual health, and personal health and safety.  These programs can range from planning large-scale health promotion events, implementing sustained health behavior change initiatives, and assisting in health focused social marketing. 

Student Health Promotion Team

Chelsea Akin

Health Promotion Team - Wellbeing and LLC

Duncan Anderson

Health Promotions Team-Wellbeing

Sarah Bruess

Health Promotion Team - Fitness/Flu Clinics/Stop@Buzzed

Sarah Felhofer

Health Promotion Team - Fitness

Katie Harris

Health Promotions Team - Nutrition

Brianna Herdering

Marketing Specialist

Chris Hornung

Health Promotion Team - Tommies Unplugged/Sleep

Claire Van Buren

Marketing Specialist

Leslie Williston

Health Promotions Team - Fitness

Yasmin Adam

Health Promotion Team - Nutrition