Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wellness Center?

The Wellness Center encourages, promotes, and educates St. Thomas students on developing healthy lifestyles.

Can I get information from the Wellness Center for papers and other assignments and/or for personal use?

Yes, the Wellness Center has information to offer students. Topics include: nutrition, fitness, tobacco use, drug issues, alcohol, healthy relationships, sexual violence, STI’s, stress, and body image. Email to get more information.

Is the Wellness Center where I go if I am ill or injured?

While the Wellness Center is directed out of Health Services, it is NOT where you should go if you are ill and/or injured and need medical care. Students should go to Health Services located in the lower level of Brady Hall. The entrance is located adjacent to the backside of Brady Hall and has a separate door from the main entrances.

Can I contact the Wellness Center for referrals to help me address a problem I may be having?

The Wellness Center is always a place to consider when you are in need of any health issues. We can refer you to nutritionists and many other valuable contacts and resources to better assist you.

Can the Wellness Center help with a friend who is in need?

One of the most common requests made at the Wellness Center is advice in how to help a friend in need. Whether the situation is body image, mental health, or alcohol habits, the Wellness Center can give you information and advice and also refer you to any additional resources you may need.

What type of programming does the Wellness Center offer?

The Wellness Center offers many different programs throughout the school year for students, faculty, and staff. Past programs have included the Wellness 5K Run/Walk, Sleep Challange, Tommie Triathlon, and Fitness Challenge.