A Teacher Who Believes in His Team

Omar McMillan

Omar McMillan ’03 MA

A 2020 finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year, Omar McMillan smiles with pride when talking about his fifth-grade classroom at Richfield STEM School. Throughout his more than two decades in education, he has promised all students (and their parents) a teacher-of-the-year performance. And every year he does his best to deliver.

While the Milwaukee native went to college with the goal of becoming a pediatrician, he discovered a gift for working with kids that led to teaching. McMillan earned his master’s degree from the School of Education, where he took rigorous courses and developed strong relationships with his cohort and professors.

As a respected high school basketball coach, he brings elements of teamwork into his classroom while nurturing each student’s individual strengths and talents. He strives to create an equitable community by ensuring every student has what they need – from pencils to laptops – to succeed. He even generates a “scouting report” on them, noting everything from favorite foods to family situations to help create a bond.

His ultimate goal? Getting every student to the finish line.

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