FAQ for Students

Students may contact their faculty advisors or academic counseling with questions about the Writing Across the Curriculum program.

How many WAC courses do I need to take?

Students must complete at least two (2) WI courses, one (1) WTL course, and one (1) WID course in order to fulfill the WAC core requirement.

How can I find out if one of my courses fulfills a WAC requirement?

Starting J-Term 2016, WAC courses will be identifiable in Class Finder by their section numbers:

- Writing Intensive (WI) courses will have section numbers beginning with "W" (e.g., W03, WP1, W17, etc.)
- Writing to Learn (WTL) courses will have section numbers beginning with "L" (e.g., L01, LP2, L11, etc.)
- Writing in the Disciplines (WID) courses will have section numbers beginning with "D" (e.g., D04, DP3, D12, etc.)

Students may also find lists of upcoming WAC courses in the Frequently Requested Documents.

Why does one section of a certain course fulfill a WAC requirement but a different section does not?

Writing Across the Curriculum courses are determined and taught by faculty who have completed special training for the program. This is why one section of a course might fulfill the requirement while another does not.

The list of current WAC faculty may be found here.