Events & Workshops

Jan 03 2022

Monday, January 3, 2022, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

January 3-7, 2022

9:30am-12:00pm each day

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Fall 2021 Workshops

Thursday, September 23 – Noon to 1pm via Zoom
Engaging and Supporting ELL students through Creative Low-Stakes Assignments  
Facilitated by Dr. Carla Gonzalez (DFC, Literacy Specialist) and Ilah Raleigh, M.M. (DFC, Music)   
Wondering how to reach ELL/Multilingual students in your class? Learn how to design creative low stake assignments that engage all learners. Please bring your course syllabus and an example low stake writing assignment to share and apply new ideas.  Registration link.

Friday, October 1 – Noon to 1pm in person in ASC 238 and Zoom
All Together Now! Collaborative Writing Assignments that Work 
Facilitated by Dr. Erika Scheurer (English, WAC Director) and Dr. Stacey Supina (Ethics and Business Law) 
Collaborative assignments can foster critical skills and support learning objectives, including the need for students in fields such as business, engineering and the sciences to learn to write as a team. But without careful design and oversight, these projects may enable free-riding, procrastination, and poor outcomes. This workshop shows how to build collaborative writing assignments both to avoid group-project pitfalls and capitalize on their potential. You may bring your current or partial group writing assignments to discuss.  Registration and Zoom link.

Tuesday, October 12 – Noon to 1pm in person in ASC 341 and Zoom
Some Techniques for Teaching Students How to Revise
Facilitated by Dr. Phil Rolnick (Theology)
Do you want students to revise, but struggle with teaching them how? This session will draw upon some of George Gopen’s techniques for how to revise a paper. It will include some very specific techniques, like setting the context, establishing “Whose story” the sentence or paragraph is, and where the most important content goes—what Gopen calls the “stress position.” Participants will leave with a better sense of how to help students clarify their thinking through the process of clarifying their writing. Registration and Zoom link.

Wednesday, November 3 – Noon to 1pm in person in ASC 238 and Zoom
Writing and Role Playing to Build Empathy
Facilitated by Dr. Kimberly Vrudny (Theology)
Are you trying to build empathy in your students, but feel like you’re falling short? Is one of your goals in a course you teach to invite students to enter into different imaginations in order to understand why people thought as they did or behaved in a certain way? Kim Vrudny will provide some examples from her course on the “Theological Roots of Nazism and Apartheid” in which students were asked to play roles from a range of diverse perspectives—Jewish, Lutheran, German, Dutch, Calvinist, Catholic, and African—through writing assignments. This enabled them to enter more deeply into the historical moments that produced these forms of Christian Nationalism as well as to make connections to the contemporary moment we are living through in the United States. Instructors will leave with concrete steps for building empathy through working writing role play assignments into their courses. Registration and Zoom link.

Monday, December 20 - 12:35 to 1:30pm in person in ASC 238 and Zoom
Postmortem: Reflecting on this Semester's Writing Assignments
Facilitated by Dr. Erika Scheurer (English, WAC Director)
While everything is still fresh in your mind, this workshop offers you an opportunity to reflect on what has worked well and not-so-well with your writing assignments this semester. We will learn from one another’s successes and brainstorm together to offer ideas for making our assignments even more effective next time around. Note: Because of tight exam schedules, we understand that some participants may need to arrive late or leave early. Registration and Zoom link.