Faculty Testimonials

Here are some comments from colleagues across campus who have participated in past Writing Across the Curriculum seminars.

Professor Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer (Justice & Peace Studies)

Professor Olga Herrera (English)

Professor Dawn Elm (Ethics & Business Law) 


Other Faculty Comments about the WAC Seminars

“The workshop by far is one of the most useful I have ever attended. I also had the best student evaluations that I have ever had for this course and I think the WAC piece made all the difference in the world.”

“I learned how to make my grading go a lot faster!”

It’s not your grandma’s WAC. [reference to the WAC of the 1980s] Instrumental in helping me to shape the transformation of my survey courses for a new generation of learners.”

“This seminar completely changed how I approach teaching my classes. In some courses I've increased the amount of writing the students do while in others that already had a lot of writing, I'm now using it more effectively. I'm not offering to give it back, but the seminar would have been worthwhile even without the stipend.”

"A fantastic workshop for learning practical ways to make teaching easier and more effective. Anson is tremendously thoughtful, helpful, and inspiring."

“I feel my students and I communicate better as we work to achieve attainable goals.”

“I was concerned that the Writing to Learn assignments would take time away from the course material but on the contrary, I found that the students come to class better prepared to discuss the assigned texts. When I put the students into small groups to analyze a text, the writing assignments help the students to read the texts more closely, thoughtfully reflect on them, and critically assess their significance. Class discussions are much better!”