FAQ for Faculty

WAC is a pedagogy, not a set of content expectations, so the best way to ensure that the WAC designation has integrity and impact is for faculty teaching WAC-designated courses to complete a common learning experience. Once you are a certified WAC faculty member, we trust you to apply what you have learned to your courses in ways that work for you. The goal is for St. Thomas faculty to share a common language and approach to using and teaching writing, with everyone adapting those general principles and practices to fit the needs of their specific courses.

Yes. If your preparation at the other institution was comparable to the St. Thomas approach, then please contact the director, Dr. Erika Scheurer, for your next steps in order to be counted among our WAC certified faculty.

Yes, and this includes the enrollment cap. However, there are some exceptions (co-written projects, for example). Please see the WAC Policies document, page 2 for details.

This varies according to the schedules of various academic departments and whether your chair/department administrator prompts you to make WAC designations at a certain point (for example, some do this when asking for course preferences for the year to come). At the very latest, you should have your courses designated on Banner by the time that registration advising for the upcoming semester begins. That way students and their advisors can take WAC designations into account when preparing their schedules.

To make sure your class has the WAC designation, ask your department administrator to put the appropriate “WAC attribute” on your course section.

No. WAC designations do not carry over. Because different sections of the same course are taught by different faculty members (some WAC-certified, some not), you need to make sure your sections are appropriately designated by the time advising begins.

Yes, though this is far from ideal. If you forgot to designate your class at the appropriate time and wish to do so later, please contact Roxanne Kendle kend0014@stthomas.edu.

No. Students registered for the course with the understanding that it would fulfill one of their four WAC graduation requirements. It causes undue havoc to remove a designation. If you run into a problem, please contact Erika Scheurer.