For Chairs & Deans

The efforts of department chairs, program directors, and deans are essential for WAC courses to be a positive experience for both faculty and students. You can take proactive steps to initiate faculty discussions about writing within your discipline: Where do writing assignments currently appear in your curriculum? What purposes do they serve? What specific writing genres, concepts, skills, and practices do your majors need to know?

We all know that a single Writing in the Disciplines course will not magically turn your majors into stellar writers in your field. That takes time and practice. In order to help your majors build up their disciplinary writing skills over time, it is helpful to scaffold in teaching in various genres (e.g. the abstract, the annotated bibliography) and principles (e.g. accommodating content and voice for different audiences in the profession) throughout the major. This way, instead of being overburdened with needing to instruct students on every aspect of writing in your discipline, the WID course becomes an opportunity for students to pull together and build upon what they have already learned.

If you would like to talk about scaffolding instruction at key points within your major, please contact Erika Scheurer at

For a departmental guide for discussions about WAC, see this document:

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