WAC Transfer Credit

Unlike other courses transferred in to meet St. Thomas requirements, Writing Across the Curriculum is not a content area, but a pedagogy—a way of teaching writing as a means of learning and as a process. In the five-day seminar faculty take in order to be certified to teach WAC courses, they learn various ways of supporting student writing.

Because WAC is a way of teaching writing and because faculty must be certified in order to teach WAC courses, obtaining transfer credit for the WAC requirement can be a little trickier than it is for content-based courses. The easiest and, we believe, the most beneficial path is for students to take their WAC courses from certified St. Thomas faculty.

However, if students have registration constraints that prevent them from meeting the WAC requirement at St. Thomas, they do have options for receiving transfer credit. If students are in this situation, they should contact the director, Dr. Erika Scheurer (wac@stthomas.edu), and present her with evidence that the course they took or plan to take meets the following WAC criteria:

The evidence students provide will likely include writing assignments as well as syllabi with explicit learning objectives connected to writing and multiple deadlines for drafts. Of course, if the class is part of the institution’s writing program (e.g. the University of Minnesota’s Writing Enhanced Curriculum), that will be valuable information to include as well.

What to include in your transfer credit request email to WAC@stthomas.edu:

  • Your name and student ID number
  • List the criteria for the type of WAC course for which you are applying for transfer credit (linked above) and after each, briefly describe how this criterion was met in the course. Where appropriate, refer to specific pages of the syllabus and assignments.
  • Attached syllabus and, if available, writing assignments.