The Seminaries of Saint Paul

New brand

There has never been a greater need for joyful, Catholic leaders – the kind who are filled with God’s love, deeply rooted in the beautiful teachings of our Church and eager to give their lives in service of others.

We share this unified vision and mission at Saint John Vianney College Seminary, The Saint Paul Seminary, The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity and their institutes. Together, we are The Seminaries of Saint Paul – a national center of formation for seminarians as well as permanent deacons, lay ministers, theologians and clergy.

This shared vision necessitated a re-branding to provide clearer visual markers and articulate our joint mission to form joyful Catholic leaders. It has invited robust conversations about what these schools and institutes stand for and how they go about their work. In a challenging time in the Catholic Church, this endeavor has brought about collaboration and discernment and promise – an example for us all as we move forward.

Ultimately, we hope you see The Seminaries of Saint Paul as we do: a source of inspiration. When you meet our seminarians, deacons and lay students – whether they are preparing for ordination or lay leadership – you cannot miss their passion and their desire to listen and learn. That desire is matched by discipline in the way they study, serve and pray. They inspire us.

Here is to a new chapter in our shared mission. Now is the time to be renewed by joyful, Catholic leaders!

Our new website is coming soon.