What should I do to assist a student of concern?


Faculty and staff members at St. Thomas have the unique opportunity to engage directly with students and can often identify those who are struggling. 
To support staff and faculty efforts, here are helpful, practical tips about assisting students most effectively and referring them to others when needed.
Guidelines for Response to Student Issues


An interdepartmental committee convened by Academic Counseling and Support and the Dean of Students Office whose purpose is to make a concerted effort to approach students who seem to be having difficulty within the St. Thomas community and determines how to effectively support their retention and success within the university. Please contact: 

Leah Fulton
Assistant Dean of Students
651-962-6076 fult4734@stthomas.edu

An interdisciplinary group co-facilitated by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Public Safety. In response to a changing culture, the group has a proactive agenda which includes conducting environmental (external and internal) scans, on-going review and update of campus crisis plans, and performing threat assessments. Please contact:

Karen Lange
Vice President for Student Affairs
(651) 962-6120 kmlange@stthomas.edu
Dan Meuwissen
Director of Public Safety
(651) 962-5100 or 5555 djmeuwissen@stthomas.edu