Senate Updates

The senate has been working on 6 goals this semester: club and org promotion, club and org collaboration, club president's dinner, financial transparency, Public transportation, and branding/campus master planning.

Here is what each group is up to:

Club and org collab: Senators are planning events where two different clubs come together and do a social event together to learn more about each others' club and exchange tips for getting attendance up, promoting events, etc with hopes of them planning an event linking their two clubs together in the future. 

Club president's dinner: Senators are planning a dinner in February where club leaders can come together and learn about other clubs they may want to collaborate with, marketing guidelines with the new branding, and other important topics. 

Club and org Promotion: Senators have worked with Bobby to create a template for clubs and orgs to use for digital signage that will be posted on the USG website. They are talking with Campus Life about possibly changing the layout of the clubs and orgs webpage to be more user friendly and allow students to find new clubs they are interested in more easily.

Financial Transparency: Senators are working with the Controller's office and Mark Vansguard to create a possible inforgraphic about where tuition dollars go.

Public Transportation: Senators have been talking with Nice Ride representatives to possibly get the discounted passes on campus again next fall. They have been researching what other campuses do to promote the use of public transportation and have started looking at ways to incorporate those ideas into our current system.

Branding/Masterplan: Senators have been meeting with various students and administrators to learn more about these plans. They will be putting together an infographic to distribute to students with information on these initiatives of the university and promote knowledge about the Masterplan.


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