Request Forms

Internal Club Programming Budget Request Form

Purpose:  This budget request form is to support regular club meetings, speakers at club meetings, service project(s) for your club, club marketing and club member only events, programs and outings.

Process: Clubs are asked to complete at the beginning of the semester. For club events outside of your club meetings, please only request funds for events you know you are going to hold/do. Clubs have the option to request internal programming funds throughout the semester.

Timeline: All internal budget requests for the fall semester must be submitted no later than December 7, 2017. Please email your request to:

Campus Wide Programming Budget Request Form

Purpose: This budget request form is for all events that are open beyond your club members and is open to all undergraduate students at St. Thomas to participate. This provides clubs an opportunity to plan larger events in advance/separately from their internal club budgets. It also provides an opportunity to share how the event connects students to the club and the mission and strategic plan of the University.

Process: Clubs are asked to complete in preparation for planning for a campus wide event. There is no deadline but clubs are encouraged to submit early on in the planning process. Clubs are asked to provide as accurate of an event budget as possible.

A club representative will be invited to attend the finance committee meeting following submission of the request to provide clubs the opportunity to share more information with the committee regarding the event.

Timeline: This is a rolling process as clubs plan their events. Once the form is completed, you must email the form to, from which you receive a confirmation after it is received. The VP of Finance will reach out to you about attending the next finance committee meeting.

If you have any questions about either of these two processes, please contact the VP of Finance, Jordan Hanson, at

For all budget requests – please note that all recommendations made by the Finance Committee are reviewed and voted on by the full council of the Undergraduate Student Government. This groups meets every two weeks on Thursdays during convo hour. For meeting dates, please visit the USG homepage.