USG Initiatives

Education is the reason why we are here.  USG looks to enhance the curricular and co-curricular educational experience for the students.


  • Represented the study body in regards to the core curriculum changes.
  • Alongside campus partners, USG engaged a high level of students in the Center for Student Achievement, to which we invested $100,000 during the 2017-2018 academic year, furthering holistic academic excellence in our St. Thomas community.
  • Currently have council members sitting on the following committees: Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) and College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee (CAS).
  • Supporting or sponsoring events addressing the co-curricular component to the St. Thomas educational experience (i.e. American Textures event).

USG Concentrates on the betterment of physical and mental well-being of each student.


  • Allocated $50,000 of our funds to support the upcoming Center for Well-Being that will provide an integrative solution to the physical and mental health of our students.
  • Allocated funds to hire two part-time psychology counselors for the 2018-19 academic year.
  • In partnership with STAR and DAB, USG hosted a Finals Feed to provide food for over 400 students on the night of Study Monday for Fall 2018.

USG wants to shed a light on the structural and systemic inequities within post-secondary education.  We all firmly believe in promoting inclusion and awareness to create a just community.


  • Redefined the Diversity Relations Committee Chair into the Intercultural Affairs representative to better represent the voices of all underrepresented students. 
  • Actively condemned acts of hatred in our campus community.
  • Established an Action Plan Oversight Group to hold the University accountable for their Action Plan to Combat Racism.
  • Passed a resolution condeming prevalent forms of hate that affect students on campus (i.e. anti-semitism, islamophobia, racism, ableism, homophobia, etc.)


Under this branch there are three subcategories:  relationship between USG to students, USG to the University, and USG to the external community.  USG works to improve and strengthen these relations in our efforts.


  • Encouraged voter participation in the midterm elections by providing students with Metro Transit bus passes through a #TommiesVote campaign. 
  • Allocated over $175,000 to more than 100 student clubs, along with the approval of many new student clubs through the Student Organizations Committee.
  • In efforts to build the bridge between students and administration, the Undergraduate Student Government initiated bi-weekly Fireside discussions to address prevalent topics on campus.
  • Implemented a Greater Minnesota/Out of State Senator, to represent the voices of those who reside outside of the metro Twin Cities Area.
  • Council members now create bi-weekly updates to keep students informed on initiatives we are working on.
  • Hold "Meet the Senator" event to let students voice their concerns to the senate.
  • USG provides the opprotunity for students to sit on committees within the Board of Trustees.