Frequently Asked Questions

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the student governing body of the university. Made up of 41 representatives, the USG acts as the voice of the student body. USG members work with faculty, staff, administration and other students to promote positive change and foster St. Thomas tradition in an effort to provide students with an exceptional college experience.

Council Membership: The council is comprised of six executive board and twenty-nine general council positions ranging from presidential to senatorial positions.

  • Executive Board Positions: 
    President, Executive Vice President, VP of Administrative Affairs, VP of Financial Affairs, VP of Public Relations, VP of Diversity, and VP of Academic Affairs.
  • General Council Positions: 
    Class President (for each class), 2 Class Senators (for each class), Legislative Affairs Senator, 2 Neighborhood Senators, 2 Residential Senators, Commuter Senator, Transfer Senator, Elections and Credentials Chair, Student Organizations Representative, STAR Representative, RHA Representative, DAB Representative, International Student Representative, Dougherty Family College Representative, 2 Student Athlete Representatives, St, John Vianney Representative, Student Spirituality Committee Representative, Student Sustainability Committee Representative, Intercultural Affairs Representative, Student Veteran Representative, ROTC Representative, Off-Campus Representative, and Commuter Center Representative.
  • USG Committees: 
    Several committees exist to add additional voices and make recommendations for various USG decisions, including : Finance Committee, Student Organizations Committee and Elections and Credentials Committee.
  • University Standing Committees: 
    The University has seventeen committees that deal with specific student concerns. These range from the Alcohol and Drug Advisory Committee to the Student Life Committee.
  • Student Liaisons: 
    These students serve as liaisons between the Board of Trustees and the USG. The three Board of Trustee Committees are the Student Affairs Committee, the Financial Affairs Committee, and the Academic Affairs Committee.

Elections for Executive Board and General Council positions take place during the spring semester to serve in the next academic year. However, certain positions are always reserved for incoming freshman in an election held within the first two weeks of the fall semester. Occasionally, various positions remain unfilled after the spring elections. If this occurs, these positions are included in the Fall Elections.

For committee and liaison positions, applications are due in the fall before the position begins. These positions are open to anyone in the undergraduate student population.

Each candidate or applicant must fill out an election packet. These packets will be available outside the USG office, located in 314 of the Anderson Student Center, or online at our website.

All students who join USG desire to make a difference at St. Thomas. The best way to do this is to get involved in an area of USG that most interests you. USG general council meetings are open to the public and held regularly every other Thursday in the Board of Trustees Suite located on 3rd floor MHC. Here you can see what the organization does and how you can contribute. 

For more inforation on how to get involved with the USG initiatives, participate in a committee, be an active member of your Class Council, or other ways you can contribute your ideas and talents, please contact your Class President or one of the Executive Board members. 

If you desire to run for a position, please contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs for information on open positions and upcoming election deadlines.

You can get involved immediately by contacting your Class President to inquire on ways you can contribute to the current initiatives. Our USG General Council meetings are open to all members of the public.  If you wish to run for an elected position, please monitor the USG website for election information or contact the VP of Academic Affairs.

To arrange for a representative from USG to speak to your organization, please contact any one of our Executive Board Members listed in our directory.

USG receives its funding from student activity fees. 40% of the student activity fee is allocated to USG and the remaining 60% is given to STAR. In turn, this money goes back into funding events and initiatives that reward you in various ways. For all other questions, please contact Vice President of Financial Affairs at