Required Training for Researchers

Students receiving research grants from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, as well as those students who are working with faculty members who have obtained grants from federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation, are required to complete Responsible Conduct in Research training. Students who will use human subjects in their research require a similar, but slightly different training. Please contact Sarah Muenster-Blakley at 651-962-6035 for more information if your research involves human subjects.


The University of St. Thomas has adopted a policy that makes training in the Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship mandatory for all students engaged in collaborative research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, as well as those undergraduate student researchers who have been hired using funds from the National Science Foundation. Once the training has been completed, it does not need to be repeated.


Students complete mandatory education requirements through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiate (CITI) by following the procedures, below.

  1. Go to 
  2. Register as a new CITI user by clicking Register
  3. Complete Registration:
    1. Under “Select Your Organization Affiliation”, search for University of Saint Thomas Minnesota. Continue to Step 2.
    2. Enter your Personal Information. Continue to Step 3.
    3. Create your Username and Password
    4. Security Question and Answer
    5. Enter your Country of Residence
    6. Respond to Gender, Ethnicity and Race questions
    7. Respond to CME/CEU Credit questions
    8. Respond to Research Survey question
    9. Complete Information Requested by UST
  4. Select Curriculum. All student researchers participating in this online training will complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) module. You can select that module under Question 5, by selecting Student Researchers (RCR). You may also choose to complete additional modules , such as:
    • Question 1: Choose Group 1. Student Researchers (HSR) only if you carry out research that involves human subjects. The Institutional Review Board at the University of St. Thomas will require you to complete this training if you are working with human subjects. If you do not carry out human subjects research, choose not at this time.
    • Question 2: Check the appropriate boxes if you conduct studies that use lab animals.
    • Question 3: Check HIPS Course – Information for Students or Instructors if you will have access to personal health information in your research.
    • Question 4: Choose Student Researchers (IPS) only if you will have access to personally identifiable sensitive information or any other information that will need to remain secure.
    • Question 5: As mentioned previously, all student researchers participating in this training must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research module. Choose Student Researchers (RCR) to select this module.
    • Question 6: Choose “Yes” if you would like to take the Conflicts of Interest course.
  5. Click Complete Registration and then Finalize Registration to move on to the training modules.
  6. While you are logged in, on the Main Menu page, click University of Saint Thomas Minnesota Courses to open a drop-down menu of your available courses.
  7. For the required Responsible Conduct in Research training, click Student Researchers (RCR) and then complete four of the elective modules that appear. In order to select/begin any of these courses, you must agree to the website’s terms of service by clicking Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement and agreeing to the terms that appear. After accepting the site’s terms of service you will need to complete:
    • Research Misconduct
    • Plagiarism
    • Two elective modules* in your discipline, if available

*Students engaging animal subjects research must take the Research Involving Animal Subjects module as an elective module.

After completing the mandatory training, you will need to either submit your Completion Report to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (if it is part of the terms of an undergraduate research grant you received), or your faculty mentor (if you were hired by your academic department to do research).