Student Research Group Travel Grant

As of November 2017, the Group Travel Grant supports departments, programs, or centers at the University of St. Thomas whose students participate in department-sponsored travel to take part in research-related activities.

Info for Departments

Any department, program, or center at St. Thomas is eligible to apply directly to UROP for this grant. Individual students do not apply for this funding. The unit applying must contact Laura Bru to confirm eligibility and request an application. To be awarded the grant, the department must indicate the research purpose of the trip, provide the basic travel and an estimate of the number of student participants, and indicate the eligible expenses to be covered by the grant, all via a brief application form.

There is a limit of one group travel grant per department per fiscal year.

Group travel is defined as travel organized by a University of St. Thomas department, program, or center, and which two or more currently enrolled UST undergraduate students undertake together to participate in the same event or activity. Eligible group travel expenses are large expenses that must be arranged for the group as a whole, like bus rental or group conference registration. It cannot be used to pay (or prepay) individually reimbursable travel expenses; that is more appropriately funded by the existing Conference or Research Travel Grants.

The spending cap per student for group travel is $100 per participating student, with a cap on the total possible grant of $3000. There is no add-on matching agreement for increased funding.

If a department receives group travel funding, individual student participants must register for the approved trip. A complete student list must be provided to UROP to confirm the total amount of the award. UROP would ultimately pay up to the maximum award, but no more than the per-student amount for the actual number of students registered (e.g. if the department applies for a 50 student trip at $60 per student for a $3000 award, but only 20 students register, the actual award would be $2000, or $100 for each of the 20 students). In this case, while the per-student amount may be increased between the time of the application and the actual travel, the maximum caps (both per-student and total grant) cannot be exceeded. Therefore it is incumbent upon the department to make appropriate travel arrangements, incur reasonable expenses, and recruit student participants to maximize the funding received from UROP.

Departments can request an application at any time. All funding requests must be received by UROP at least 30 days before the date of travel, and no later than April 1 of the current fiscal year.

Funding will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to eligible applicants. UROP will fund requests until the funding is exhausted. In FY18, UROP can fund up to 2 grants of $3000, or a greater number of smaller awards.

All travel arrangements must be made by the department; expenses charged will be funded up to the awarded amount by UROP. Funding can be delivered by budget transfer, journal voucher, OR by direct charge to UROP funds (with approval in advance). Budget transfer or journal voucher is preferred. Direct charge is allowable if the charge can be incurred and approved by UROP after all participants have registered.

Students registered as participants in the Group Travel Grant would be counted among the annual total students served by UROP. To register as a Group Travel Grant participate, they will need to provide their student ID numbers and email addresses to UROP, and state whether they have received a UROP travel grant in the current year.

The actual amount UROP spends per student will count towards each participant’s total UROP travel funding eligibility for the fiscal year; i.e., should a student apply for a separate Conference Travel Grant or Research Travel Grant, their maximum annual award will be $500 ($750 with the maximum department match) minus the total amount spent per student on their Group Travel trip. If a student has already met the $500/$750 cap for travel funding in the current year, the department cannot receive additional funding for that student for the group trip, e.g. UROP will fund the amount for 49 registered students rather than 50.