Summer Housing Grants

The Summer Housing Grant Program provides funding to help students who are engaged in individual summer research or working on a collaborative research project with a faculty member reduce the cost of living in a residence hall at the University of St. Thomas during the summer.

It is important to note that Summer Housing Grants do not guarantee placement in a residence hall. You must apply to Residence Life separately to reserve a room and meet all deadlines. UROP will confirm that you have applied for on-campus housing before awarding the grant and applying the payment to the cost of the room.

Summer Housing Grants are for the amount of $700 and they do not cover board or other expenses. They may not be used for off-campus housing.


The deadline for the Summer Housing Grant application for summer 2020 is Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 10:00 pm CST.

You must submit your application to reserve a room through Residence Life separately and by their posted deadline to be able to use the funding provided by this grant.


Recipients of a Summer Housing Grant must be engaged in individual supervised research or collaborative research with a University of St. Thomas faculty member for an extended time during the summer.  All Young Scholars and Community-Based Research grant winners are automatically eligible for a Summer Housing Grant (if needed) if you apply for a housing grant at the same time you submit your application for a Young Scholar, Sustainability Scholar, or Community-Based Research grant. Applicants for these other grants who apply later for housing will be considered in the full pool of applicants with no guarantee of award. If your summer plans change and you will not be conducting faculty-mentored research, you may withdraw your application at any time.

You DO NOT need to apply for a Young Scholar, Sustainability Scholar, or Community-Based Research Grant in order to apply for a Summer Housing Grant.

Recipients must also be enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate student at the University of St. Thomas during the spring semester prior to the summer in which they wish to receive support to stay in a St. Thomas residence hall and during the semester following their summer of study.  Therefore, if a student wants to stay in a residence hall during summer, he or she must be a degree-seeking student at St. Thomas during the preceding Spring Semester and following Fall Semester.

Students who are not in compliance with this or any other UROP grant program (have not turned in a paper produced with the assistance of an earlier research grant or not participated in the Inquiry at UST event) are not eligible to receive funding under this program.

Note on Repeat Applications

You are welcome to apply more than once for a Summer Housing grant, but when resources are limited, reviewers will give competitive preference to applicants who would otherwise not be able to live within a reasonable distance of the University of St. Thomas while carrying out their summer research.


If you are awarded a Summer Housing grant, you will be expected to work on a research project with, or under the supervision of, a faculty member at the University of St. Thomas for an extended period during the summer.  You will also be expected to present your research at the Fall Inquiry poster session in September.

At the end of the summer, you are expected to submit a summary of the research that you conducted, approved by your faculty mentor, via the submission portal linked on the right of this screen. 


Moving In.  Students who are already living on campus during Spring Semester may move into their summer dorm room shortly after the end of Spring Semester.  Students who are NOT already living on campus during Spring Semester may move into their summer room no earlier than the end of May.

Moving Out.  Students who will NOT live on campus during Fall Semester will have to leave their summer dorm room no later than early August.   Students who have a contract to live on campus during Fall Semester will be allowed to stay on campus and will be asked to move to their Fall Semester dorm room sometime in August.

Restrictions and Conditions

  • Applying for a Summer Housing Grant does not reserve a room in a residence hall.  Awarded students will receive a Housing Form from Residence Life which must be completed and returned to Residence Life.  A Summer Housing Grant will help pay for a room -- not reserve it! 
  • Summer Housing Grants provide recipients with $700 that may be put towards housing on the University of St. Thomas campus during the summer of the award.  Some awardees may be asked to accept double occupancy in order to accommodate as many students as possible.  
  • Students who wish to upgrade to a more expensive type of campus housing may arrange to do so, but they are responsible for the extra charges of the upgraded accommodations.
  • Students who would like to room with a particular person or persons must make arrangements with Residence Life. 
  • A Summer Housing Grant does not include meals. 
  • Recipients of Summer Housing Grants must be able to confirm that they are, indeed, conducting structured research or collaborative research with a University of St. Thomas faculty member. At the time you submit your application, your faculty mentor will be notified and asked to confirm your research plans.
  • Priority for Summer Housing Grants will go to students who do not live near campus during the summer and for whom on-campus housing is critical to their ability to conduct their research.
  • You are responsible for informing Residence Life of the date on which you vacate your room.  Failure to inform Residence Life of your departure date prior to your departure may result in per-night charges being levied against your student account for the nights your room was left unused.
  • If you receive a Summer Housing Grant and, for any reason, do not live in your room, you may incur per-night charges against your student account.  You must inform the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program if you plan to be absent from your room for more than 3 days in a row.  You cannot accept a Summer Housing Grant and then not use your room!

Application Form

Summer Housing Grant application forms for Summer 2020 are now available in the right sidebar.