Sidewalk Symposium 2019

As a part of Family Weekend & Homecoming Week, UROP summer researchers worked to represent their research results in an unexpected medium. Three students converted their research into chalk art outside of the Anderson Student Center (Summit side) on Friday, October 4, 2019.

Many thanks to artist Shawn McCann for his collaboration on this project, and to the create[space] for hosting our workshop.

Four scholars work with artist Shawn McCann to draft ideas and learn to work with chalk.

Four St. Thomas scholars work with artist Shawn McCann to draft ideas and learn to work with chalk.

Meet our Scholar-Artists!

All four of the researchers presenting and drawing in this symposium completed original research during the summer of 2019, mentored by St. Thomas faculty. They were among the 48 students who received grants from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program for summer 2019. You can see their work again in another setting alongside 77 other student researchers at this fall's Inquiry Poster Session.

Alyssa Eggersgluss

Alyssa Eggersgluss

Title: Expanding the Boundaries of Sound in Music Education

Major: Vocal K-12 Music Education

Mentor: AnnMarie Thomas

Grant: Young Scholars

See Alyssa's research results here: Eggersgluss Poster 2019

Alyssa Eggersgluss - Alyssa Eggersgluss
Alyssa Eggersgluss poses with her chalk design in progress
Lynch, Ethan

Ethan Lynch

Title: The Role of Interspecies Interactions Among Ascomycete Fungi in Oxidative Carbon Breakdown

Major: Environmental Science

Mentor: Carolyn Zeiner

Grant: Young Scholars 

See Ethan's research results here: Lynch Poster 2019

Ethan Lynch - Ethan Lynch
Ethan Lynch poses with his chalk art
Joan Weiland

Joan Weiland

Title: Women Navigate Forgiveness in Literature

Major: English, Literature

Mentor: Olga Herrera

Grant: Young Scholars

See Joan's research results here: Wieland Poster 2019

Joan Weiland - Joan Weiland
Joan Wieland poses with her finished chalk art