Private College Scholars at the Capitol (PCSC)

Poster Session Celebrating Undergraduate Research

The Minnesota Private College Council is a non-profit organization, which represents 17 four-year liberal arts colleges in Minnesota. The Council is the primary sponsor of the “Minnesota Private College Scholars at the Capitol,” a poster session event organized by a statewide committee of faculty and held every February at the MN Capitol. Each participating college selects and sends some of its best undergraduate student scholar/researchers. Each college is represented every year by one or two posters.

The PCSC brochure states:

“Through this poster session we aim to publicize and celebrate the achievements of just a few of the many thousands of exceptional undergraduate students who attend Minnesota’s Private Colleges. The students we present today have exceeded the requirements for a baccalaureate degree to contribute new knowledge or to advance their own creativity in exceptional ways. Their faculty mentors voluntarily spent many out-of-class hours assisting these undergraduates in gaining the knowledge and expertise needed for effective scholarship.

The applied and basic research accomplished by undergraduate students at Minnesota’s Private Colleges contributes significantly to the health of our communities and natural environment, the welfare of our citizens, and the wealth of knowledge in the world.”

Student presenters and their research mentors meet with legislators and staff, tell visitors about their work, and publicize their academic achievements.

For more information on the PCSC and the student abstracts from the past sessions, please visit the Private College Scholars Showcase page on the Minnesota Private College Council site.

The University of St. Thomas campus representative works with the URCS staff in November of each year in selecting students to represent the UST at the PCSC poster session. The URCS covers the registration fee for the selected UST students.