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Inquiry Poster Session

Students who have done collaborative work with a faculty member are invited to present their work in a poster session called Inquiry. Project abstracts are published to this website. Students presenting a poster are encouraged to invite their friends, colleagues, and relatives.

The fall poster session will be held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. You can see the abstracts for that session here: Vol 34: October 15, 2019

Poster Abstract Submission Information

You must register in order to present at the Inquiry Poster Session. The next session is Tuesday, October 15, 2019 from noon until 1.
Please prepare an abstract of your research (limit: 300 words) to submit at the link below no later than Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

If you plan to attend the session to see others' poster presentations, no registration is required. Please join us!

Poster Specifications

At the event, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program will provide foam-core boards measuring 3' x 4' in dimension, easels, and push-pins. Your posters should be printed at 36" x 48" (landscape) in order to fit the foam boards. Please contact your academic department or the University of St. Thomas Service Center to inquire about large-format printing services.

As you prepare your poster, remember the function of a poster session. The purpose of a poster session is to discuss your work with those who are interested. This includes getting their professional critique, suggesting other ways to study the problem, and discussing how future studies should be conducted. Unlike making an oral presentation, where some of the audience is interested in everything you have to say and some are not, a poster session captures those who want to learn about your work and discuss it.

Required on your poster

  • If you received a Young Scholars, Collaborative Inquiry, Community-Based Research, Sustainability Scholars or Interreligious Research Fellows grant to carry out this research, then somewhere on your poster you must include the following text: "This research was made possible in part by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at the University of St. Thomas."

Characteristics of a good poster

  • Make a prominent title, e.g. with a large font that can be read from 10 feet away
  • Give a summary that a passerby can read to see if they want to discuss your work further
  • Organize the material in columns
  • Design a pleasing overall layout, balancing elements of title, summary, graphics, conclusions, etc.

Prepare two spiels

  1. For those people not in your discipline, explain your work in general terms, avoiding specific jargon and detailed methodologies.
  2. For those who are in your field, prepare detailed explanations.

Sample Poster

Download the sample PowerPoint poster here. The poster gives a basic overview of how to incorporate the most important elements of a research poster presentation into your layout. The file is saved as a 36" x 48" slide.

sample poster template in PowerPoint - Inquiry at UST Poster Template