Academic Year Grant Programs

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program offers multiple undergraduate research grant opportunities during the academic year. For more information, click the links below.

Collaborative Inquiry Grants give students the opportunity to work on faculty-mentored research on a part time (10 hours per week) basis during spring or fall semester. Learn more here.

Available during both the academic year and summer, the Sustainability Scholars Grants give students the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary faculty-mentored research on a question pertaining to sustainability on a part time (10 hours per week) basis during the academic year. Learn more here.

New in 2019! Interreligious Research Fellows pursue research in partnership with the Jay Phillips Center. Fellows meet and work in a cohort for the full academic year to to design and implement an academically rigorous, closely mentored research project that examines and engages the encounter between, among, and/or within religious communities and people with various religious identities. Learn more here.

The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate science and business/economics students, along with a small group of graduate students, to conduct research on new product ideas and innovations developed by physicians and other professionals at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Learn more here. 

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program provides funding to help students travel to carry out research, and also to present research at academic conferences. Learn more about Conference Travel Grants here. Learn more about Research Travel Grants here.