Undergraduate Research Board

The Undergraduate Research Board contributes to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program by reviewing applications for our Collaborative Inquiry Grant, Young Scholars Grant, Sustainability Scholars Grant, and Community-Based Research Grant programs. In addition, the board helps to establish policies and procedures for these grant programs. Finally, each spring the Undergraduate Research Board reviews nominations and selects a winner of the annual Undergraduate Research Award for Faculty.

Undergraduate Research Board Members for the 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Anthony Borgerding, Chemistry
Leah Domine, Biology
Justin Donato, Chemistry
Amy Finnegan, Justice & Peace Studies
David Forliti, Engineering
Tanya Gladney, Sociology
Amy Hedman-Robertson, Health & Exercise Science
Jerry Husak, Biology
Allison Jessee, Psychology
Shersten Johnson, Music
Mahmoud Kabalan, Engineering
Adam Kay, Biology
David Kelley, Geography
Lisa Lamb, Geology
Stephen Laumakis, Philosophy
Joshua Layfield, Chemistry
Tim Lynch, Political Science
Steve McMichael, Theology
Lesley Scibora, Health & Exercise Science
Heather Shirey, Art History
Michael Wood, Physics
Laura Zebuhr, English