Undergraduate Research Board

The Undergraduate Research Board contributes to the Grants and Research Office by reviewing applications for our Collaborative Inquiry Grant, Young Scholars Grant, and Community-Based Research Grant programs. In addition, the board helps to establish policies and procedures for these grant programs. Finally, each spring the Undergraduate Research Board reviews nominations and selects a winner of the annual Undergraduate Research Award for Faculty.

Undergraduate Research Board Members for the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

  • Elise Amel, Psychology
  • Tony Borgerding, Chemistry
  • Leah Domine, Biology
  • Justin Donato, Chemistry
  • Simon Emms, Biology
  • Amy Finnegan, Justice & Peace Studies
  • David Forliti, Engineering
  • Jerry Husak, Biology
  • Allison Jessee, Psychology
  • Mahmoud Kabalan, Engineering
  • Chris Kachian, Music
  • Adam Kay, Biology
  • David Kelley, Geography
  • Bill Kinney, Sociology
  • Steve Laumakis, Philosophy
  • Josh Layfield, Chemistry
  • Tim Lynch, Political Science
  • Steve McMichael, Theology
  • Lesley Scibora, Health & Exercise Science
  • Heather Shirey, Art History
  • Jessica Siegel, Psychology
  • Kevin Theissen, Geology
  • Michael Wood, Physics
  • Laura Zebuhr, English