About the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

My initial introduction to the idea of research was through my older sister who studies the prevalence of ACL injuries in adolescent women. The topic was of interest to me, but more than that, I was fascinated with the idea of researching on humans, looking at their makeup, and running various tests to find out more. When I entered college, I heard many stories of research and went to poster presentations. The possibilities of research were endless, and I thought it was amazing students were conducting research themselves. I saw this as very valuable, because independent research allows one to take a topic they are personally interested with and build a project around it. I have not been involved in research before, so having a faculty member help along the way is ideal as I navigate my way through a new project for the first time.

-Margaret Miller, Fall 2017 Collaborative Inquiry Grant recipient


The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program fosters student research and creative inquiry at the University of St. Thomas by promoting mentored, independent research experiences for students in all fields of study. UROP programs provide UST students with a sustained opportunity to learn and apply the tools of their fields to the questions that motivate them as thinkers. Student researchers work one-on-one with faculty mentors to pursue all parts of the research process, from proposal to presentation.

Pursuing research as an undergraduate is a unique and impactful experience. Students are empowered to pursue questions that matter to them, and faculty mentors show them the tools they can use to follow through on those questions. On average, 70 students per year are awarded with grants that permit them to carry out their research for a full semester or summer. Past and current grant recipients have tackled projects that contribute to our knowledge on topics from the effects of cell phone use to the impact of gender on the field of peace studies to the treatment of tuberculosis. Students present their results on campus at the Inquiry Poster Session poster session, and off campus at a wide variety of regional and national conferences.

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UROP is a partner of the Center for Student Achievement.