Gender Neutral/All-User Restroom Locations

Click to view a list of all-user restrooms located on the St. Paul campus, provided by the Dean of Students Office.

On the Minneapolis campus, all-user restrooms are located in MSL LL12 and MSL LL13 (lower level of the MSL library). 


Lactation Rooms and Diaper Changing Facilities on Campus

Note: We are currently in the process of updating this information. Please email the UAWE with any questions or concerns:  

Lactation rooms and diaper-changing facilities are available on campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors who nurse their babies. Locations where mothers have felt comfortable nursing their children and/or aspirating milk for future use include:

St. Paul Campus:

  • Anderson Student Center (ASC)- Family Room on the second floor. Request access at the Tommie Central desk on the first floor. 
  • Anderson Athletic & Recreation Complex (ARC) 137- Large single-user restroom with an outlet and a bench. 
  • Murray-Herrick Campus Center (MHC)- Second Floor Restroom, near classroom 211, has a separate lactation room with a lockable door and chair. 
  • Brady Educational Center (BEC) 202- Request a key from BEC 05 if the door is locked. This office closes daily at 3:30pm. The space is accessible from the stairwell as well as from the stairs behind the stage.
  • O'Shaughnessy Educational Center (OEC) 103- Luann Dummer Center for Women, availability dependent on LDCW schedule. Please contact the LDCW to reserve the space. 
  • Center for Well-Being (CWB) 131

Minneapolis Campus:

  • School of Law (MSL) Lower Level Restroom- The back room of the women’s restroom is equipped with a comfortable chair, cabinet or side table, fold-down diaper-changing table, and small refrigerator.
  • Terrence Murphy Hall (TMH) 100A- The key is available at the front desk typically from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Outside of those hours, the key can be obtained from Public Safety. 
  • Terrence Murphy Hall (TMH) 153E- Reservations recommended. Please call Jordan at 651-962-4131 to make a reservation or email if he cannot be reached. Drop-ins are welcome but space is subject to availability. 


Menstrual Hygiene Products

In order to help create a campus environment that is as welcoming and inclusive as possible, the following locations will have free menstrual hygiene products available for our visitors, students, staff, and faculty. The locations will be stocked while supplies last.

St. Paul Campus:

  • Health Services, Lower level of Brady Residence Hall (BRA)
  • Murray-Herrick Campus Center (MHC) 156A
  • O'Shaughnessy Educational Center (OEC) First Floor Restroom
  • O'Shaughnessy Educational Center (OEC) Second Floor Restroom
  • O'Shaughnessy Educational Center (OEC) Fourth Floor Restroom
  • O'Shaughnessy Science Hall (OEC) First Floor Restroom
  • John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts (JRC) First Floor Restroom
  • Anderson Athletic & Recreation Complex (ARC) 210

Minneapolis Campus:

  • Opus Hall (MOH), Third Floor Restroom

For more information, or to donate supplies to be distributed across campus, please contact the UAWE Coordinating Council at