Growth in Service

When it comes to social change, there's a whole world of discussion and networking going on. To join in, connect with one of the partners below, or connect with Tommies Together for ways to kick start a converstation here on our very own campus.

Oh and, by the way, if you hear about other opportunties, let us know! We're always looking for new opportunities to feature.

Social Innovation Collaboratory

At St. Thomas, the Social Innovation Collaboratory facilitates the way we can connect across the university and into the community to catalyze social innovation. We help individuals and groups; faculty, students, staff, and alumni; and campus and community organizations build networks and grow relationships in order to solve today's most pressing problems in our neighborhoods and world.

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Oxfam CHANGE Initiative

Each year, Oxfam brings together a select group of 30-40 student leaders. Together, they learn how to transform their passion for the issues into meaningful action on campus and in their communities, joining a network of like-minded students around the country. Past CHANGE Leaders have gone on to work for members of Congress, start their own nonprofit organizations, and pursue social justice careers worldwide.

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We make the world suck less.

One of the largest global orgs for young people and social change, our 5.3 million members in 130 countries tackle volunteer campaigns that impact every cause. Poverty. Discrimination. The environment. And everything else. Our promise: Any cause, anytime, anywhere.

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