Introduction to Online Reporting

To submit On-line and Anonymous Reports, click here. 

This form may be completed by any member of the University of St. Thomas community who has experienced, witnessed, or learned of suspected sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, or sexual harassment on campus.
Staff and Faculty members can use this form to fulfill their reporting requirements under the Sexual Misconduct Policy to notify the Title IX Coordinator of suspected sexual misconduct or child abuse, however they must identify themselves and cannot remain anonymous.

If the identity of the reporting party is provided below, the University of St. Thomas will follow up directly with them. As appropriate, we will offer supportive measures and will discuss the process options available under the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Choosing to Remain Anonymous:

Filing an anonymous form will not result in a formal investigation unless the person making the report chooses to make their identity known to an Official with Authority. For more information about what will happen after filing an anonymous report, see these Question and Answers.

Individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct are encouraged to report to the Title IX Coordinator, to the police and/or to seek confidential support. Whether or not a person chooses to report, we want to ensure you are safe in your situation. See Can I access support resources without having to formally report to the University of St. Thomas? for more information about support resources available.