vol. 2, no. 2


The theology department is pleased to announce
the release of the spring 2016 edition of "theology matters."
This issue is published only online.



The View from the Chair
by Bernard Brady

In his column for "theology matters," department chair Bernard Brady reflects on a remarkable month in Rome teaching "Theo. 101" with colleague, Gerald Schlabach.




(Photo courtesy of Midwest Jesuit Archives)

New Frontiers Series
Gerald Kelly, S.J., and the Future of Catholic Bioethics
by Paul Wojda

Paul Wojda's work will be the focus of the next "New Frontiers" lecture Thursday, April 14, at 7:00 p.m. in Owens Science Auditorium (OWS 150).



Pope Francis's Visit to the U.S.: The Poor, the Powerful, and the Pilgrims
by Angela Senander

Theology department member Angela Senander requested press passes to cover the papal visit. In this article, she reflects upon his visit, and the extraordinary opportunity she had to cover it for a Minnesota-based audience.



Mark McInroy Wins Prestigious Award for Theological Promise
Mark McInroy interviewed by Paul Gavrilyuk

The Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award is an international award for theology presented to young scholars in recognition of outstanding doctoral or post-doctoral works. A board of evaluators from nineteen different countries chooses the winners. Paul Gavrilyuk conducts an interview with the award recipient to mark this occasion.




Theology Department Welcomes Vanderbilt Fellow, Jennifer Awes-Freeman
Jennifer Awes-Freeman interviewed by Kim Vrudny

Jennifer Awes-Freeman is a doctoral candidate and Theology and Practice fellow from Vanderbilt University. She is completing an externship this year at the University of St. Thomas, where she has been mentored by Kimberly Vrudny. In this interview, Jennifer reflects on her work in the arts and her first impressions of the professorate.




Theology Goes Overseas

Several of our faculty traveled overseas with students over January-term 2016. Read of their moving encounters with Romans, Hawaiians, and Poles in their travel accounts:

Theo. 101 in Rome
by Gerald Schlabach and Bernard Brady


Theo. 424: Christianity and World Religions (Hawai’i)
by Edward Ulrich and Elaine MacMillan



John Paul II in his Polish Context
by Paul Wojda and Kenneth Kemp




Events and Announcements


Institute for Catholicism and Citizenship Announces its Spring Events


Muslim-Christian Dialogue Center Co-Sponsors Program on Islamophobia


Project for Mindfulness and Contemplation


Speakers' Bureau

Find one of our theologians at a church, university, or conference center near you.

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