In January, Dr. Sherry Jordon and Dr. Massimo Faggioli will take a group of first-year students to Italy for the course, “Introduction to the Christian Theological Tradition.” This course is designed to acquaint students with the contents of the Bible and with Christian history, especially in the context of the Catholic tradition. Through careful reading of a core of common texts, a variety of field trips and guided tours, as well as written assignments, students are expected to attain a basic understanding of human experience as interpreted by major areas of Christian theology, including revelation, God, creation, Jesus, and the Church. Emphasis will be placed on the city of Rome, its role in Christian history, and the cultural expressions of Christianity found in its environs. This version of the intro course will also pay special attention to political and cultural aspects of the Christian tradition, and to questions of religious life and practice, with a comparative focus between Roman and European traditions in Christianity and the North American experience of Christianity. In addition to Rome, students visit Pompeii, Naples, Assisi, Siena, Florence, and Orvieto. Dr. Faggioli is from Italy; his first language is Italian. Students studying Italian at St. Thomas will use their Italian in this course, but having the language is not a prerequisite. ‌