vol. 1, no. 1

The theology department is pleased to announce the release of its new semiannual newsletter, "theology matters."
In this issue:


The View from the Chairs
by Bernard Brady and Sherry Jordon

In his first column for "theology matters," Bernard Brady reflects on the meaning of theology for the twenty-first century.
Sherry Jordon also offers a summary of our degree programs and majors.




Celebrating Our Senior Majors

Our graduating senior students share a favorite photograph and a bit of information about themselves, how they decided to major in theology, and hopes they have for the future.




Honoring Our Beloved Colleague, Dr. Terry Nichols
by Michael Hollerich

Michael Hollerich remembers our friend and colleague Dr. Terry Nichols, who passed away in April. He reflects on Terry's family of origin, early scholarly interests, growth as a professor, and movement into inter-religious dialogue.




New Frontiers Series
Care for Prisoners, Justice for All
by Amy Levad

Amy Levad writes about a theological response to mass incarceration, the subject of the upcoming New Frontiers lecture and the subject of her new book, Redeeming a Prison Society: A Liturgical and Sacramental Response to Mass Incarceration. The lecture will take place on Tuesday, October 21, at 7:30 p.m. in OEC Auditorium.




Theology Goes Global

Theo. 101 in Rome
by Massimo Faggioli and Sherry Jordon

The Church in Latin America: Guatemala
by Gerald Schlabach

AIDS, Apartheid, and the Arts of Resistance
by Kimberly Vrudny

Islam in Turkey
by Adil Ozdemir and Kelly Wilson




Speakers' Bureau

Find one of our theologians at a church, university, or conference center near you—speaking on many different topics: from Pope Francis to Georges Florovsky, and from the creed to the Qur'an.




Recently Published Titles
noted by Mark McInroy

Members of the department published ten books last year. Here, Mark McInroy offers a summary of each one:

Bernard Brady: Be Good & Do Good
Corrine Carvalho, ed., Pastoral Essays in Honor of Lawrence Boadt
Corrine Carvalho and Jonathan Stökl, eds. Prophets Male and Female
Massimo Faggioli: John XXIII: The Medicine of Mercy
Massimo Faggioli: Papa Francesco e la Chiesa-Mondo
Paul L. Gavrilyuk: Georges Florovsky and the Russian Religious Experience
Paul Gavrilyuk and Sarah Coakley, eds. Duchowe zmysły
Amy Levad, Redeeming a Prison Society
John Martens, The Gospel of Mark
Mark McInroy: Balthasar on the Spiritual Senses




Film Review
by David Penchansky

David Penchansky reviews the film Boyhood, directed by Richard Linklater who filmed Ellar Coltrane over a period of twelve years in order to produce a film that inevitably asks viewers to consider issues of aging and mortality. But it is about more than the passage of time.


* * *